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The product is developed and set up in such a way to unlock potential business ideas, equip the entrepreneur through a self-study process, increase business potential and maximise business growth. 

Product Structure

  1. BHT provides a one-stop comprehensive business information on:
    1. How to start a business – Structured format (Benchmark).
      1. Is Entrepreneurship for you
        1. Why consider entrepreneurship
        2. Small business survival
        3. Entrepreneurial potential self-assessment tool
      2. Develop your ideas (product/service)
        1. Is your idea truly original?
        2. Will people be willing to pay for your product or service?
        3. Will your product or service be able to compete with those of existing businesses?
        4. Who is your customer?
        5. Do you need intellectual property protection for your idea or invention?
        6. How will you manufacture and distribute your product or service?
        7. How will you promote your product or service?
        8. Are there any government restrictions or obligations that could limit your idea?
        9. What resources do you need to get your business off the ground?
    2. How to manage a business
      1. Market Research and Statistics
        1. Conducting Market Research
        2. General Research and Statistics
        3. Industry Sector Data
      2. Legal Entity
        1. Sole Proprietorship
        2. Partnership
        3. Private Company
        4. Co-operative
        5. Registering your business
        6. Changing your legal status
        7. Legal issues for small business
      3. Naming your business
      4. Choosing and setting up a location
        1. Store Location
        2. Renting a Space
        3. Home-based Business
        4. Setting up your Home Office
        5. Choosing a Commercial Building
        6. Site Selection
      5. Marketing and Sales
        1. Marketing basics
        2. Promoting and Advertising your Business
        3. Sales and Customer Relationship Management
        4. Online sales
        5. Selling to government
        6. Marketing, advertising and sales regulations
      6. Regulated business activities
        1. Human resources regulations
        2. Privacy and your business
        3. Health and safety regulations
        4. Exporting regulations
        5. Importing regulations
        6. Environmental regulations
        7. Building codes, regulations and related standards
        8. Accessibility
      7. Regulated industries
        1. Regulated professions and trades
        2. Permits and licences
        3. Financial services regulations
        4. Agriculture and Agri-food regulations
        5. Regulations for child care, schools and educational institutions
      8. How to compile a Business Plan
        1. Why do you need a Business Plan
        2. Market Research & Stats
        3. Writing your Business Plan – Comprehensive discussion
        4. Business Planning FAQ
        5. Business Continuity Planning
  2. BHT provide up to date structured industry information to make informed business decisions
    1. Structured information on each section and sub-sector according to Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)
      1. Associations
      2. Economic Overview
      3. Government Departments
      4. Investment Opportunities
      5. Opportunities for Global Expansion
      6. Productivity Pointers (N.P.I.)
      7. Reading Matter
      8. Statistics
      9. Strategic Facts & Figures
      10. Sub Sectors (According to S.I.C. codes)
        1. Business Plans
        2. Economic Overview
        3. Reading Matters
        4. Strategic Facts & Figures
      11. Training Opportunities
      12. Websites
  3. Business research reports on market needs, trends and growth; industry analysis; and links to industry associations all inclusive. These link directories contain web resources sorted by type of industry
  4. Access to tender information


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